What was achieved by 1968?

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  • What was achieved by 1968?
    • Positive
      • Brown Case, Civil Rights Act 1964, Voting Rights act 1965 and 1968 housing act meant that most de jure segregation was largely brought to an end.
      • 1964 24th Amendment & 1965 Voting Rights Act meant that the number of AA registered to vote increased dramatically.
      • Across the south as a whole the amount of AA voters rose from 1m to 3.1m.
      • The number of elected AA officials began to rise, quadrupling between 1965-70
      • Johnsons war on poverty impacted on AA poverty. 43% of AA families were below the poverty line but by 1968 it was just 23%
    • Negative
      • Defacto discrimination continued
      • By 1960 1/2 of AA children in the south attended integrated schools.
      • AA still remained under represented in Voter registrations
      • The law socio-economic status of AA persisted. In comparison to whites poverty was higher and standard of living lower.
      • Unemployment levels were higher and educational achievements were lower than whites.


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