Analyzing unseen or seen poems

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  • What to remember when analyzing a poem...(unseen or seen)
    • Character(s)
      • Who is the character in the poem? Why are they in the poem? What significance do they have in the poem? Why did the writer make this character as they are?
    • Themes
      • Relationships Conflict/War Love               Place        Character Voice
    • Poetic Techniques
      • Similes Metaphors Rhyme Alliteration Onomatopoeia                    Rhythm   First Person Monologue Stanza Colloquial Structure Sonnet Enjambment Personification              Connotations Archaic
    • Writers intention
      • What is the meaning and purpose of this poem? Are there any clues in the poem itself?Does the title link to the theme of the poem? Does the theme tell us about the writer's past? Do the techniques used make the reader feel a certain emotion? How? Why?
    • Thoughts and feelings
      • Has the writer used specific techniques to convey emotion? How does it link with the poem? How does the language used convey this emotion?


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