What the Theory's think of society 

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  • What the Theory's think of society
    • Functionalist
      • A consensus perspective that sees society as bases on shared norms and values into which members are socialized
      • Society is like an organism which each part performing functions to maintain the system as a whole
    • Feminism
      • Sociological and political perspective that focuses on oppression and the struggle to end it
      • They argue that sociology has been "malestream" and has been ignoring women
      • They examine women's experiences and study society from a female perspective
    • Marxist
      • Conflict perspective based on the ideas of Karl Marx
      • It sees society as divided into two opposed classes, with one exploiting the other
        • The Bourgeoisie (upper class) exploit the proletariat (Working Class)
      • Marx predicted that the proletariat will unite and overthrow capitalism and create a classless society


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