What technique should I use to analyse and/or interpret my data or results?

Why should we use each type of statistical test?

For more information about the statistical techniques and their purpose, practical applications, advantages and limitations see my statistical techniques mind map.

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  • What technique should I use to analyse/ interpret data and results?
    • To summarise and compare data...
      • Measures of Central Tendancy
        • Mean
        • Mode
        • Median
    • To see the dispersion and reliability of data...
      • Range
      • Inter Quartile Range
      • Standard Deviation
      • Dispersion Diagrams
    • To see if there is a correlation between two sets of data
      • Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient with tests of significance
    • To assess the degree of concentration of geographical phenomena...
      • Location Quotients (not on AQA Spec)
    • To measure patterns in a distrabution...
      • Nearest Neighbour Statistic (not on AQA spec)
    • To assess the degree to which there are differences between observed and expected data, and the statistical significance...
      • Chi-Square Test
      • Mann-Whitney U test




This is a brief summary - For more information about the techniques including practical applications, advantages/ disadvantages etc., see my statistical techniques mind map :)

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