Reasons contributing to Germany's defeat

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  • What reasons contributed to the defeat of Germany?
    • German treatment of civilians
      • This led to resistance or Partisan groups
      • Resistance groups were given support by the Allies
        • Hitler had to keep soldiers based away from the main fighting
    • Invasion of the Soviet Union
      • Hitler had to face a war on two fronts
      • Hitler had to send divisions to support Italy in North Africa and then send divisions to Italy
    • War at sea
      • In 1942 the U-Boat threat was a problem for the Allies
        • 1,200 Allied ships were sunk
      • The Allies developed radar, sonar and depth charges so they could combat the U-Boats
        • in 1944 only 117 Allied ships were sunk
    • Allies resources
      • The Allies had access to a lot of military and industrial resources
      • Germany couldn't compete with the Allies resources
    • Errors in military decisions
      • Halting German tanks outside of Dunkirk
      • Refusal to allow troops to retreat from Stalingrad
      • Belief the Normandy invasion was a feint
    • Ordinary people in Britain and the USA
      • These people were untied in the belief they were fighting to rid Europe of tyranny
        • Therefore they were willing to make sacrifices to make a better future
    • Powerful leaders
      • Hitler faced three powerful leaders Roosevelt, Stalin and Chruchill
        • These leaders inspired people through the war years
    • Allied bombing raids
      • The RAF and USAAF destroyed industrial complexes, roads, bridges, railway yards and munitions factories
      • Output of German industry didn't decline until 1945 and it was difficult to measure the impact on civilians
      • It might not have had an impact because the Blitz made the British people more determined to win the war so it might have had the same effect on the Germans


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