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  • What is stereotyping?
    • definitions
      • Labelling is a process of giving tags or names to behaviour and/or groups of people
      • Stereotyping is the over-simplification or a generalised impression of a group's identity or behaviour
      • Bias is favouring one side over another or at the expense of another
      • New media is the information that use computers or the internet, rather than traditional methods such as television and newspaper
    • The media
      • Television
        • Portraying men as dominant, black men as criminals and gay men as camp or promiscuous
      • Advertising
        • Women are often portrayed as housewives, in charge of domestic chores and childcare
      • Newspaper
        • Accused of Islamophobia- portraying young Muslim men as terrorists or potential threats
    • Models of media influence
      • Marxist, manipulative model
        • Model assumes that we simply receive messages from the media and believe them.
        • Mass media is used as a way of controlling workers- spreading suspicion about minority groups who might threaten the power of the wealthy in society
      • Pluralist model
        • Public are not influenced by the media available and would cease to buy/watch any content with which they disagreed.
        • Mass media is a reflection of the media we wish to consume and we don't watch/read any content that we don't want to
      • Cultural dominance modle
        • It is no longer justifiable to argue that male, middle-class graduates dominate the media
        • Narrow range of identities, leading to a narrow range of opinions, content and imagery


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