What is an ecotown

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  • What is an ecotown?
    • up to 20,000 low carbon homes
    • the first four will be build in 2016
      • Whitehill Bordon, Hampshire
      • northwest Bicester, Oxfordshire
      • Rackheath, Norfolk
      • China Clay Community Sceme near St Austell, Cornwall
    • each ecotown should be carbon-neautral
    • home will be south faceing to capture the heat from the sun
      • will havephotovoltaic cells on the roof to produce their own electricity
    • town will have their own wind turbines
    • plenty of green spaces and cycle lanes, fewer roads but good rail connections
    • good links to surrounding towns and citites for jobs, transport and services
    • 30% of homes should be affordable
    • local primary school, secondry school, business, shops, leisure facilities should be provided


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