what is an ecosystem

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  • what is an ecosystem?
    • habitats
      • distinct set of conditions
      • made of micro habitats
    • Communities
      • includes many populations
      • niche is the way an organism exploits its environment
        • two species with same habitat will compete with each other
    • ecological factors
      • Abiotic factors
        • non - living or physical factors
        • e.g  climate such as the temperature rainfall
      • Biotic factors
        • living factors
        • e.g competition, grazing and mutualism
        • density dependent
      • anthropollogical factors
        • arising from human activity
        • can be biotic or abiotic factors
    • Succession
      • Primary succession
        • pioneer phase
          • pioneer species
          • break up the rock surface
        • succession continues
          • more organic matter builds up
        • climax community
          • which is stable
          • has a dominant species
      • secondary succession
        • existing community is cleared
        • plants starts to grow
      • Deflected succession
        • stable community
        • human activity prevents succession from happening
        • grazing, mowing, or burning


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