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  • What I remember from today's revision session:
    • Eating Behaviour
      • Anorexia
        • A disorder involving a drive for thinness and an obsession with body weight/food
        • Is it genetic? - Twin studies (MZ and DZ)
        • Is it a personality disorder? - Hsu
        • DSM characteristics of An - body dismorphia, anxiety, body weight below the normal minimum
    • Relationships
      • Reward/Need Satisfaction
        • Classical and operant conditioning
          • Reductionist
        • Deterministic
        • Formation
        • A relationship is formed if we think it'll be rewarding
        • Applies to long term relationships
        • Mutual attraction occurs when each partner meets the other's needs
        • Griffit and Guay
      • Social Exchange Theory
        • Sampling
        • Institutionalization
        • Maintenance
        • Economic theory
          • Benefits and costs
        • Bargaining
        • Commitment
        • Thibaut and Kelly
        • Comparison level and comparison level for alternatives
        • Lack of ecological validity
        • Can't explain why some people leave relationships
        • Focusses too much on the individual's perspective
        • Selfish theory
        • Cultural bias
        • Real world application, relationship therapy


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