What factors make global inequalities worse

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  • What factors make global inequalities worse
    • Physical factors
      • Landlocked countries make trade hard which hinders development
      • Climate can cause climate related disease, people are so ill that they can't improve living standards.
      • Climatic hazards such as drought and floods limit future development and destroy what may have been acheived
      • Poor soil causes difficulties with agriculture which can affect living standards and development
    • Economic factors
      • Poverty causes poverty
      • The poorest countries are those coming out of civil wars
      • A history of famine and war make trade difficult.
      • Global trade policies do not favour the poor countries, tariffs are placed on certain goods
      • Companies do not invest in certain countries due political instability, corrupt banks, bad infrastructure, an un-reliable electricity, no educated work force
    • Environmental factors
      • people abuse the land, e.g farmers on the edge of starvation cut down rainforests to try and feed their family.
      • Deforestation and overgrazing has led to increased desertification
      • Wildlife sacrificed by poachers could have been the basis of a good tourism industry.
      • Poor governments have little spare to protect and develop environmental resources.
    • Social factors
      • Poor water quality causes disease, which debilitates people and prevents economic development.
      • Many tropical countries suffer from malaria, yellow fever and river blindness. Diseases are carried in the water and water quality is unreliable.
      • Inadequate water supplies limit crop yields and therefore food supply, there is not enough water for irrigation to allow yield to be increased.
      • A poor country finds it difficult to fund education for all children to a good level.
      • Investors are put off by a lack of educational workforce.
      • A poor country is not able to maintain a good health system
      • It is difficult for sick people to work hard and so the economy of the country spirals downward.


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