What factors affect how news is selected and presented?

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  • What factors affect how news is selected and presented?
    • Agenda Setting
      • This refers to the way the news focus public attention on particular topics or issues.
      • They tell us what the important and relevant issues are at any moment in time.
    • Norm Referencing.
      • The way in which the news media outline the acceptable boundaries of behaviour.
      • The behaviour and views of some groups are presented positively or negatively.
      • Through nor referencing, the mass media have the power to shape public opinion.
    • News Values
      • The media operates by a set of values about what is considered newsworthy.
        • Events, issues and personalities they think their audience will find interesting.
    • The Profit Motive
      • News papers exist as businesses and operate to make a profit.
      • Press gatekeepers will considers possible stories in terms of whether they are likely to achieve big circulations.
    • Advertisers
      • Advertisements in the press have an influence over content in so far they could withdraw  their business if they disagree with a paper's stand on a particular issue.
    • The State and Legal Constraints on Content.
      • Complaints about media content are handled by the British Office of Communication (Ofcom).
      • The media are subject to laws against libel which prevents the publication of false statements which could ruin a person's reputation.


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