What does the Human Rights Act Protect 

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  • What does the Human Rights Act Protect
    • Right to life-investigate suspicious deaths and deaths in custody
    • Right to Freedom and Liberty-imprisoned only if convicted of a crime
    • Right to fair trial and no punishment without law-innocent until proven guilty, have the right to hear the evidence against you in a court of law
    • Privacy-protects against any unnecessary intrusion or surveillance
    • Freedom of thought, religion and belief
    • Free Speech and peaceful protest
    • Protection of property-protect against state interference with possessions
    • Right to an education-no child can be denied and education
    • Right to free elections-fair
    • Protection against torture or any form of inhumane treatment
    • Protection against slavery or forced labour
    • Right  to marry and raise a family
    • Protection against discrimination; everyone's rights are equal


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