German Relations

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  • What did Germany do to damage relations with Britain, France and Russia?
    • The Haldane Mission was meant to repair relations between Britain and France but failed.
    • Flottenpolitik and Navy laws were a direct challenge to British Naval supermacy.
    • Failed to renew the Dreikaiserbond
    • Wilhelm  antagonised British public opinion by telegraph congratulating President Kruger for the defeat of the British.
    • The second  crisis was much  the same and tried to push them apart further.
    • In 1901 the British attempted to make an alliance with Germany but was rejected by Germany.
    • Germany's support for the Boers in the Boer war. 1899-1902 further antagonized relations.
    • British left its isolation and made many alliances Japan, France and Russia, meaning Germany was over-relied on Austro-Hungray.
    • The first Morrocan crisis was Germany trying to drive a wedge between Britain and France.


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