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  • What Businesses Need 2
    • Span of control
      • The number of employees for whom a manager is responsible for
    • Chain of command
      • Describes the lines of authority within a business
    • Sampling
      • Random
        • A group of respondents are selected according to particular features
      • Quota
        • Each member of the populationhas an equal chance of being chosen
      • Stratified
        • Interviewees are selected in proportion to the consumer profile within the target market
    • What are the reasons for segmentation
      • Better opportunities for growth
      • Retain more customers
      • Better match of products for customer needs
    • Benefits of induction training
      • Helps new employees settle quickly into their job roles
      • Learn the aims and objectives of the business
      • Need to know where things are
    • What can market research tell a business
      • Demographics
      • How existing products can be improved
      • How often people will  buy
      • What price people are prepared to pay
    • Secondary research
      • Includes data that has already been collected by someone else for another purpose e.g. interest
        • Benefits
          • Contact is made with customers
          • Can be tailored to requirements
        • Drawbacks
          • Expensive
          • Time consuming
    • Primary research
      • Data collected by the business e.g. questionaries
    • What is market research
      • The action or activity of gathering information about consumers needs and preferences
    • What to include in a job advert
      • About the company
      • Pay
      • Contact details
      • Job description
      • Work hours


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