What are the reasons for the rise of Nazi power 1920-33?

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  • What are the reasons for the rise of the Nazi  Party 1920-33?
    • Munich Putsch 1923
      • Hitler got off lightly and received lots of publicity
    • 1929 Wall Street Crash
      • USA demanded loans to be repaid back, left Germany in a state of economic crisis
      • Resulted in political polarisation
        • Increased popularity for those who provided radical soulutions
    • Fuhrerprinzip + the Hitler Myth
    • Party reogranisation
      • Hitler youth and Nazi students asscociation
      • Disappointment at the ballot box in May 1928 acted as a stimulus for further reorganisation
    • Electoral success 1930 onwards
      • By July 1932, the Nazi Party becomes the largest political party
    • Jan 1933, Hitler appointed Chancellor
    • March 1933, enabling act destroys constitution and by July all political parties are banned.
    • Idea of Volkegemeinschaft
    • Political violence


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