What are the different types of relationships?

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  • What are the different types of relationships?
    • Monogamy - partner with only one person at a time.
      • I believe in this i believe that we all should only have one partner at the same time, and if you realise something about them divorce them then move on.
        • Many religions believe in this and think that it is the way to go.
          • Not all of them however, believe in divorce. They believe it is an sin and you need to find a person and stay with them.
    • Polygamy - Marriage in which either of the sex may have more than one mate.
      • I strongly  disagree with this. I think loving someone so much can only be shared with one person. By having more than one person it ruins the special and unique working s of love. You can surely not live more than one person so intimately?
        • Islam believe that men allow to have more than one mate. The proper and more than one wife. I think this is disgraceful as it is disrespectful to women and it seems inhumane to almost throw about women like that.
          • It is like cheating on your wife for as long as you live
    • Marriage - A legal ceremony which bounds two people together.
      • Every religion  wantes their folowers to get married at one point or another and wants them to bound together however what if you do not believe in marriage
        • Marriage does not declare love it does not symbollise it at all it is a piece of paper which people normally refer to in everyday life. You do not need to be married to be in love? Marriage does not not and will not define us it is simply an reference.
    • Cohabitation - Living together as a couple but not married.
      • I agree with this, as i believe if you truly love someone you should be able to stay with them if you choose to. This is what many people who do not believe in marriage will look into doing. Marriage may be seen as only a piece of paper to signify something, do we really need to be married to be  able to love?
        • Religions like Christianity believe that you must be married to stay together and so do all of the other religions.
          • What would happen if there was not marriage would we not be able to love ?
    • Civil Partnership - A legal union for same-sex couples, offering the same rights and responsibilities.
      • I believe in this as i think that times are changing and we are starting to love other people and therefore, what should stop people being homosexual.
        • Many religions do not believe in homosexuality, they believe it is a sin an that we shold be wed to opposite sex.
          • By religion , Sikhism, believes in this however, w=my argument is that if God made us all equal and unqune why do some people are seen as disgraced for being different ?
          • Times have changed and we need to understand that we are no longer in a n era which believes that we do things a certain way. We have evolved to be different.
            • By religion , Sikhism, believes in this however, w=my argument is that if God made us all equal and unqune why do some people are seen as disgraced for being different ?
    • Arranged Marriage - When a close family member decides who weds who.
      • I believe this  is okay to an extent. If your family cares about your well-being and   if the person you meet you love than i think that is an okay decision. As long as the person is okay  with it because they have to live with them.
        • However, if it comes to an extent where the you do not like the person you are marring of you are homosexual, I believe it is not okay for you to go ahead with the  marriage as it is you getting married not them.
          • Religions like Hinduism believe in arranged marriage. Hindus in there cast system, for example the untouchables.
    • Assisted Marriage - The person being wed, is introduced to suitable candidates.
      • I think assisted marriage is good to a certain extent. As long as you are not forced into it and you love the person then it is okay. However, if you love a person which it the same sex or is a different religion do not be diffident by your religion
        • we do not have any prof of God and although i believe in him i do not believe that you should spend most of your life depending on a possibility of the supernatural sorts.


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