Human Rights implications

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  • What are human rights, and why do they have implications for global politics?
    • Implications
      • Establish a framework of standards to which all states and other bodies should conform and which has higher moral authority and national legal systems
      • The doctrine of human rights has profound implications for the principle of state sovereignty
      • 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights - implications for international law and bodies such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court
      • Impose obligations on states in their dealings with other states, implying that a concern to pursue self-interest should be balanced against a duty to protect and uphold human rights
        • Trade relations and membership of intergovernmental bodies should be conditional upon a state's  human right's record
      • Humanitarian intervention - states or international bodies intervene militarily in the affairs of another state in order to uphold human rights
    • Human Rights
      • Rights to which people are entitled by virtue of being human
      • Modern and secular version of 'natural rights'
      • God-given
      • Universal, fundamental and absolute
      • Fundamental - inalienable - can be denied or violated but a human being's entitlement to them cannot be removed
      • Universal - belong to everyone regardless of nationality, ethnic or racial origin, social background etc.
      • Absolute - they cannot be qualified


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