What affects the content of the news

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  • What affects the content of the news
    • Organisational pressures and time schedules
    • Assumptions and ideology of journalists
    • Stereotyping of groups i.e. women, and black people
    • Innacurate/false reporting
    • Hieracrhy of credibility
    • Sensationalism - overdramatic reporting
    • Power of primary definers
    • News values of journalists
    • Global competition and marketing
    • Presentation - degree of importance, use of headlines etc
    • Norm-setting - reinforcing conformist behaviour
    • Agenda-setting and gate-keeping - telling the public what to think
    • Need to attract readers and advertisers leading to a desire not to offend anyone
    • Direct control/influence of owners
    • The dominant ideology - establishing reasonable views/explanations of the world
    • Making a profit


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