History- Britain 1930-1997. WC views on India

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  • What were WC's views on India?
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      • Believed in anglo-saxon superiority over Indians
      • Believed British rule led to economic and social progress
      • Held Victorian view that india crown jewel in empire crown
      • Believed British rule stopped Hindu elites dominating muslim Indians
    • British rule in India
      • Came under pressure in 20s/30s as Indians wanted self-gvernance
      • pressure came from educated elites + the masses led by Gandhi
      • Rowletts Act 1919= inc. police powers if imprisonment w/out trial.
      • 1919 Montagu-chelmsford measure = local councils more control over internal affairs.
      • Amritsar massacre= Ghandi protest Rowletss Act. troops fired on crowd + killed 400. 1200 wounded.
      • Mass civil disobedience campaign e.g. march to sea over salt taxes
      • Gandhi arrested over protests
      • Govt of India Act 1935= electorate 35 mn + elected legislatures for loacal affairs
    • WC reaction to independence movement
      • Opposed to movement
      • Freed countries in empire stayed loyal to UK WW1.
      • WC saw as personal mission to campaign against indian independence
      • Public + international opinion changed over India
    • Consequence of WC India view
      • Became allied with more radical aspects of UK politics
      • Support of re]acist/eccentric organisations alienated him from moderate conservatives
      • Campaign led to distrust from conservative leadership + ridicule


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