What were people complaining about in early 1780s

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  • What were people complaining about in early 1780s?
    • Corruption
      • Church complained they didn't receive tithes and bishops didn't visit diocese
      • Venality: buying 80,000 offices- hereditary property of purchaser
        • Brought in 4 million livres each year
    • New Ideas
      • Writers used rational thoughts to analyse society which wasn't support by absolute monarchs
    • Tax system
      • Unfair system where 1st and 2nd didn't pay taxes
      • Church only paid 5% of income instead of tax which was better than paying tax
    • Rural poverty
      • Poor harvest
        • 1770-1789 only 3 good harvests and reduced food quality
        • Variable wine crop was financially damaging
      • Small land holdings
        • land split between hiers therefore by 1789 25% of french land was in small plots
        • Only had enough had for their families and didn't have time for improvements to increase crop yield
    • Life in Towns
      • Majority poor
        • 40,000 servants in Paris alone and life expectancy was only 28.5 with poor living standards
        • Bread prices rose which triggered unrest and crime
      • Growth
        • Paris gew by 20%
        • Ports such as Marseilles grew from foreign trade
    • Noble rights
      • Feudal rights over peasants and not paying tax made it unfair
      • Controlled heavy industry and reserted their wealth and privilleged position


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