What was the situation in the Far East in 1949?

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  • What was the situation in the Far East in 1949?
    • 1910-45
      • Korea was controlled by Japan
    • 1945
      • Japanese troops based in Korea surrendered to the North of Korea to Soviet Russia and the South to the Americans
      • The dividing line between the Soviet and American zones was set at the 38th Parallel
    • 1947
      • UNO called for free, nationwide elections to elect a democratic government for the whole of Korea
    • 1948
      • elections held in the south under UNO supervision
        • The Republic of Korea set up
        • Seoul is its capital and centre of government
        • under the presidency Syngman Rhee
      • Soviets establish the Democratic People' republic of Korea
        • under the leadership of Kim Il-Sung
        • Pyongyang the capital and centre of government of North Korea
  • Both the North Korean and South Korean government claimed to be the legitimate government of the whole of Korea


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