what was the royal Navy Like?

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  • What was the Royal Navy like?
    • Crews
      • 1793: 120,000 men 1812: 140,000 men  (1000) vessels
      • Recruitment
        • No Conscription
        • Relied on impressment (recruitment didn't provide enough men in wartime
          • Impressment Service: had the power to force seafarers ages 15-55 to join Royal Navy.
            • Press gangs sent out to round up men
              • By 1805 half the Royal Navy's crews were pressed men.
        • By 1805 half the Royal Navy's crews were pressed men.
        • Quota System
          • Every country required to supply certain number of volunteers, based on population and number of seaports.
            • Offered criminals the option to volunteer in stead of complete sentences.
      • Many Sailors not British
      • Discipline and Teamwork
        • Foundation for navels strength
        • drove seamen to work for the continual threat of punishment
    • Officers
      • Leant ropes as lowly midshipmen.
        • Taught crucial skills: maths, astronomy and navigation
      • Most middle class--> sons or relations of other naval officers.
        • Family influence meant that some officers were fast tracked (Horatio Nelson)


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