What was Russia like in the mid 19th Century?

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  • What was Russia like in the mid 19th Century?
    • Ethnic Groups
      • Many different types of national groups
        • Large amount of diversity of culture, religion and language
        • late expansion meant 100 nationalities under Russia's control
      • Different nationalities settled in different areas. due to different cultures across Russia.
    • Autocracy
      • The tsar was an autocrat and had supreme power over his subjects
      • the tsar was appointed by God and rejected power rested on the consent of people
      • the tsar had an imperial council made up of nobles who advised him and cabinet ministers who ran government
      • At the time the higher ranks were paid more and there was a culture of bribery and corruption
    • Geography
      • Russia covered 1/16 of the world's landmass
      • The South and North of Russia had very different climates
        • North Russia is frozen most of the year. Only supports scrub vegetation
        • the south there's endless forest. where most of the agriculture happens. Creates problems for the leaders.
      • Most of Russia's major cities have grown along important river routes
    • Economy
      • The nobility had variations in wealth. The richest noble owned almost 150,00 serfs. so could support their lavish lifestyle
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