What was life like in the Industrial Period?

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  • What was life like in the Industrial Period?
    • Society
      • In 1854, improvements in hospital hygiene were introduced     (Florence Nightingale)
      • There was a lot diseases in towns.
      • They could now vaccinate against a disease.
      • Only men with property could vote. Women were not allowed to vote.
      • The industrial revolution witnessed a huge growth in the size of British cities.
      • Slavery was banned in July 1933.
    • Transport
      • The invention of the steam train allowed people to move around the country more E.G Holidays in Brighton.
      • A better transport system was needed- roads became easier to to use and toll gates were removed.
      • Canals were made, allowing people to transport goods easier. The steam train later meant that they needed less.
    • Work- Factories
      • In 1884, the Third Reform Act was passed. This increased the number of working class men who could vote and a total of 5 million men could vote but women could still not vote.
      • Factories changed the way people worked- they had to work to a strict timetable.
      • Factories were very dangerous with many losing limbs. This was due to bosses refusing to spend money on safety.


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