What measures did The Liberals Introduce?

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  • What measures did The Liberals Introduce?
    • Children
      • In 1906, an act was passed that allowed the authorities to provide free school meals
      • In 1914, 14 million school meals were served for children
      • In 1907, attention was turned to medical care but many parents could not afford the proper treatment
      • In 1908, The Children and Young Persons Act was inspired by a terrible social evil.
        • This act gave children special status as protected persons and their parents could be prosecuted for neglect
          • Also illegal to insure a child's life
    • The Old
      • They introduced a government funded old age pension act (1908)
        • The rich had to pay towards the pension through taxes
      • Married couples would receive 7 shillings and 6d
      • They funded people over 70
    • The unemployed
      • Labour exchanges run by volunteers help workers find jobs that match their skills
      • In 1909, the Government set up their own labour exchange.
      • By 1913, labour  exchanges were putting 3000 people into jobs
    • Workers
      • The National Insurance Act was introduced in 1911
        • It was an important measure, not a new idea
          • Liberals used the friendly societies to administer the scheme
      • Sick Pay
        • The first part of the act dealt with health insurance
        • Some of this money would come from the Government
      • All men and women in lower paid manual earning under 160 a year had to join Unemployment Benefits
        • In trades such as ship building and engineering, occasional unemployment was common.


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