History around us, change question example (Kenilworth Castle)

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  • What is the significance of a change in Kenilworth's site during two periods of its history?
    • Introduction
      • 1) State period - Angevin to Lancastrian change
      • 2) What is the Physical change? - defensive stronghold to luxury country manor
      • 3) Summarise why important - showed a great shift in the castle's purpose
      • 4) Briefly describe what it was like beforehand - Norman castle used for intimidation and defence.
    • Paragraph 1
      • 1) addition of Great Hall
      • 2) It changed because the castle was used more for entertainment and as a status symbol
      • 3) change was very big because it caused the castle's purpose to change, and became the centre of the castle's livelihood
      • 4) Change was very significant because it shifted the caslte's purpose and focus away from defence. Reflects national peace. Locally, a status symbol for important guests
    • Paragraph 2
      • 1) Addition of several towers that consisted of living quarters.
      • 2) changed because in order to accommodate many more servants and guests, much more living space was needed, and also for Gaunt himself, to show status
      • 3) very large change, as it completely changed the appearance of the castle, and showed status.
      • 4) Very important locally, as it could house very important local guests. Nationally, it was quite significant as it raised the castle's status
    • Paragraph 3
      • 1) change in purpose overall from Angevin to Lancastrian ownership
      • 2) country was in civil rest, and it was fashionable for nobles to have country castles with defensive features as homes.
      • 3) Change was incredibly large, as it changed the entire purpose of the castle and those living there.
      • 4) Locally - so people could stay in there, show of wealth and status               Nationally - showed wealth of the family and the power of the barons.
    • Main body paragraph structure
      • 1) give an example of how it changed
        • 2) Explain why it changed
          • 3) Expalin how big the change was
      • 2) Explain why it changed
        • 3) Expalin how big the change was
      • 4) Explain significance of change both locally and nationally
      • Conclusion
        • summarise why an important turning point
          • Complete change in purpose reflects county's entire state, politically, socially and economoically


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