What Is Psychology?

Intro to A Level Psychology.

What is Psychology

- What dod they do?

- Who do they work with?

- Where do psychologists work?

- What influences do psychologists have on society?

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  • What is Psychology?
    • What do psychologists do?
      • observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments
      • cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior
      • conducting research
      • consulting with clients
      • diagnose disorders
      • Discuss the treatment of problems with clients
    • Where do psychologists work?
      • Schools
      • Government
      • Health care
      • Therapy
      • Legal
      • Workplace
    • Who do psychologists work with?
      • People with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders
      • children and adolescents
      • judges, attor-neys, and other legal specialists
      • top executives,  training and development managers, and training and development specialists
      • employees
    • What influen-ces do psychologists have on society?
      • Social psychologists focus on societal concerns that have a powerful influence on individual wellbeing as well as the health of society
      • To help substance use, prejudice, domestic abuse, public health, bullying, and aggression


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