What is Politics

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  • What is Politics?
    • The study of politics is how decisions are made in Government and how people believe they should be made.
    • Politics is about conflict resolution.
    • Politics is an exercise of power.
      • Can be threats or force (coercion)
      • Can be using legitimate decisions via authority.
        • Weber identified 3 types of authority.
          • Traditional (the monarchy)
          • Charismatic (popular leaders such as Tony Blair)
          • Rational-Legal such as the constitution of the USA
      • Dowse and Hughes said that politics occurs when there are differentials in power.
        • Power is the ability to influence the actions of others via threats, sanctions or abuse of power relationships.
          • Reward those who conform and punish those who don't.
    • Lukes said there are 3 faces of power.
      • Decision making which is transparent.
      • Non decision making which takes place behind closed doors such as agenda setting
      • Manipulation of desires through ideology to persuade the electorate to desire what those in power desire.
    • Marx state that power in a capitalist society was held by the bourgeoisie and that the government was a committee of the bourgeoisie/


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