What is a democracy?

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  • What is a democracy?
    • Peaceful transition of power
      • Those who lose power by democratic means accept the authority of those who won
    • Free elections
      • Universal suffrage
      • Secret ballot
    • Fair elections
      • Everyone has 1 vote and every vote is of equal value
    • Widepresad participation in politics
      • Well-informed and largely active population
    • Freedom of expression and information
      • Otherwise leads to dictatorship
    • Freedom of association
      • Freedom to form parties/pressure groups if the aims and methods are legal
    • Protection of rights and liberties
    • The rule of law
      • All citizens are treated equally under the law and the government is subject to the same laws.
    • Independent judiciary
    • Limited government and constitutionalism
      • Otherwise government could set aside democratic principles for its own purposes


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