Brigham Young- What happened at Salt Lake City?

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  • What happened at Salt Lake City?
    • Food
      • Scavenged for food
      • Tried to grow crops
      • Dried meat
      • Traded with Indians for buffalo.
    • Population
      • Advertised in Europe
      • Payed for people to come to America
      • They had polygmy
      • Self-sufficent
    • Land
      • Shared land equally
      • Made sure everyone had access to water
    • Transport
      • Persuaded government to expand train line to Salt Lake City
    • Wood
      • Cut down trees and replant trees
    • Shelter
      • Dig up clay to use as bricks
      • Built with Spanish brick
      • Built buildings such as schools, homes and churches
    • Money
      • Inserted toll booths so miners had to pay every time they came through
      • The Winter Quarters were used for people on the Plains
      • Built stores along the trails
    • No medicine
      • Use herbs and spices
      • Nutrients from trees and Salt Lake
      • Basic first aid kit and lemons
    • Water
      • Oregation from mountains
      • Use water from lake but could not drink it
      • Snow all year round so when it melted they could collect it


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