EPQ - What factors influenced Henry VIII's approach to Rule?

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  • What factors shaped Henry VIII's approach to rule?
    • Childhood/upbringing
      • Intro: never meant to be King: Arthur, 10 years old CONNECT TO TITLE
        • Raised as the Second Son, life in Church
          • Peter Morgan "Second Son Syndrome"
          • Arthur raised in own palace with tutors and councillors- training to be king, 2 brothers hardly knew each other
        • Position changed dramatically - views of him = transformed
        • Banned from sports- dangerous for only heir
        • Evidence for Unimportance: Lady Margaret Beufort's diary (grandmother) date had been corrected of HVIII's birth, therefore was written wrong
          • Dr. David Starkey, Arthur = heir, Henry = Spare
      • Environment Henry was brought into
        • End of the Wars of the Roses = country was in civil disorder. Father ended this = H feels he has to live up to this
        • Ray Winstone: Need to surpass his fathers achievements
        • J.C. Flugel: " we cannot but suppose that the difficulties and dangers which surrounded his father's throne must have exercised a powerful influence over the younger Henry's mind"
        • Viewed as usurpers and had to be strong and powerful to destroy threats, therefore may explain Henry's desire for war and lavish lifestyle to appear as King
        • Dr. David Starkey: "For the world into which Henry was brought into was scarred by hatred, treason and betrayal"
    • Introduction
      • Introduce reputation as Tyrant
        • Historical Society statistic
        • Reasons for reputation: Murders, desire for war/lavish lifestyle, break with Rome
      • My line of Argument
        • HVIII's rule was affected due to his (DEFINE CRITERIA) upbringing and healthy. Therefore, cannot be blamed for actions as environmental factors determined his approach to rule
    • Healthy and Injuries
      • INTRO: Health of Henry influenced behaviour. Chronicles/views changed dramatically after specific events along with policies.
        • Birth and teenage years = well built and healthy
        • Source 10 = primary views on Spanish ambassador 1507
      • Jousting Accident 1524
        • Sir Arthur Salisbury MacNulty (medical Expert) = headaches led to behaviour changes
        • Forgot to put down visor of helmet, lanced above right eye = severe migraines
      • Jousting Accident 1536
        • Greenwich Palace tournament 24th Jan - H fell off horse which fell on top of him - H unconscious for 2 hours
          • Both the horses and H's armour = the weight of 1500 lb of weight = 8 washing machines
        • Source 6 = 2His subjects began talking about him in a new way" = EVIDENCE FROM PRIMARY RESOURCES
        • Use Dr. Lucy Worsely as scholar
        • Research into correlation between damage to the frontal lobe and personality changes
        • Frustration: end of sporting life - LINK TO CHILDHOOD, therefore H felt the need to show masculinity in other ways (link back to question
      • Other Factors to include: "Sorre Legge" 1527 Source 10, Memory Problems (Source 10), Debate point =Lacey Baldwin Smith
    • Conclusion
      • Reinforce LOA by summing up main body
      • Argue that H reputation is being judged at a completely different era in which the king felt his actions were messages from God to demolish sin and that many people agreed with his shape to rule as this was the norm


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