What does the Green Party stand for?

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  • Reducing Social Inequality
    • End creeping privatisation of NHS
    • increase the minimum wage to a 'living wage' of £10 an hour by 2020
    • Implementation of a wealth tax to fund the creation of new jobs
    • What does the Green Party Stand for?
      • Environmental Issues
        • Stop environmentally disastrous fracking
        • Phase out fossil fuel based energy and nuclear power, replacing with renewable solutions
      • The Party
        • A centre-left party, strongly pro-European, seeing EU as a safeguard for environmental protection.
        • Evolved from party founded in 1973 as 'PEOPLE', later changing its name to the Ecology Party before assuming current identity in '85
        • Won first Westminster seat in 2010, Caroline Lucas for Brighton Pavilion.
        • 2015, won more than one million votes across UK but failed to win any more seats


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