what caused ww1

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  • what caused the first world war?
    • alliances - agreements to protect and fight with another country in war
      • the triple alliance
        • consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
        • formed in 1882
        • they were all new formed countries
      • the triple entente
        • consisted of France, Russia and Great Britain
        • formed in 1907
        • encircled germany
          • so Germany made up the Schlieffen plan
      • entente cordiale
        • informal alliance between France and Britain
        • 1904
      • treaty of London
        • Britain promised to help Belgium if they ever got invaded
        • 1839
      • Serbia and Russia
        • Russia saw them selves as Serbia's protecter
    • militarism - the build-up of armed forces
      • naval race
        • this was between Britain and germany
        • Germany was building up her army, made Britain suspicious
        • in 1906 Britain launched the dreadnought. Germany started to build them
        • in 1914 Britain had 29 ships, Germany had 17
      • arms race
        • Germany was encircled so built up her armed forces
        • was between Germany, France and Russia
        • Russia and France did the same
        • by 1914, France had 5m men, Germany had 4.9m and Russia had 6m.
    • Nationalism - pride in ones country; a belief it is 'best'
      • the assassination - 28 June 1914
        • archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip.
        • group responsible was the black hand, Serb nationalists
        • Austria blamed Serbia for the attack
          • what happened next?
            • With Germany backing, Austria sent an ultimatum to Serbia
              • Serbia agreed to all but one term, Austria declared war on Serbia on 28 July
                • Russia mobilised to help Serbia
                  • Germany declared war on Russia
                    • Germany invaded Belgium and Britain declared war on Germany on 4 August 1914


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