Russian Revolution 1917

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  • what caused the february revolution of 1917?
    • Autocracy
      • Power was handed over to alexandra and rasputin when he was away.
      • September 1915 - he suspended the Duma.
      • "Military zones" were set up at home to esablsh law and order.
      • He was blamed for russias losses
      • Nicholas 2 failed to recgnise the extent of the problems.
      • People questioned tsars authority due to how well the war effort was organised.
    • Opposition
      • Oppostion to the Tsar increased
      • Still opposition from revolutionary groups
      • Opposition from worer increased and resulted in strikes
      • Conservative opposition increased due to Rasputins and Nicholas's decision to make himself the CIC
      • Zemstva opposition increased.
      • Opposition from the army - due to poor equiptment, ammunition and tactics. 1.5million desertions
      • "Progressive bloc" - opposition from the Duma, demanding a constitutional monarchy.
    • Economic problems
      • Spending increased to 14.5 million by 1918
      • Industrial production slumped
      • Poor comunication and transportation hindered in towns and cities.
      • 300% rise in the cost for living.
      • Increase in national debt, foreign investors are less likely to invest.
    • Industrialisation
      • WW1 confirmed that Russia was still very behind the wentern industry.
      • Foreign loans/investments were stopped during ww1.
      • Many factories and transport systems turned towards the war effort.
      • Transport was still inefficient.
      • Poland and other industrial areas were taken over by the Germans.
    • Unrest and Strikes
      • Death rates rose due to poor living standards and starvation
      • Populations swelled and unemployment rose.
      • January 1917 - 30,000 workers went on strike in moscow and 145,000 in petrograd.


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