developments in transport and trade - GLOBALISATION

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  • What are the 4 main transport developments of the 19/20th centuries?
    • Steam power
      • 1800's - BRITAIN was the world's leading steam technological developer. it moved goods and armies between ASIA and AFRICA.
    • Railways
      • 1800's- railways expanded globally. In 1904, 9000KM TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY CONNECTEDMOSCOW WITH CHINA AND JAPAN.
    • Jet aircraft
      • BEOING 747 in the 1960's brought more travel. EasyJet brought air travel to richer nations
    • Container shipping
      • 200 MILLION container movements each year. it is the BACKBONE of the global economy since 1950's. COSCO (CHINESE) is 336m long.
    • This lead to the SHRINKING WORLD EFFECT


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