What Are Megacities?

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  • What Are Megacities?
    • Definition
      • Megacities
        • A Megacity is an urban area with over 10 million people living there.
      • Urban
        • City
      • Rural
        • Countryside
    • Facts
      • To be a megacity, the population must be over 10 million people
      • Higher rates of urbanization are leading to the growth of megacities
      • There are now 34 megacities in the world.
      • New megacities are expected to emerge in Asia and Africa by 2030.
    • There are 3 types of megacities:
      • Slow growing
      • growing
      • rapid growing
    • Where would the worlds megacities be in the future?
      • By 2050, the worlds largest megacity is likely to be one that dosent even exist at the moment, or at least it dosent have a name.
      • China has plans to merge cities in the Pearl River Delta to create one large megacity with a population of 120 million.


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