W.H. Auden

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  • W.H. Auden(1907-1973)
    • Personal Life
      • born York, England 1907
        • moved to Bhirmingham
          • was educated at christ church Oxford
            • influenced in poetry by, Thomas Hardy and Robert Frost
            • precocity as a poet was immediately apparent
              • formed lifelong friendship with fellow writers
                • 1928- first collection of poems privetly printed
                  • 1930- collection published
                    • became established as the leading voice of new generation
                      • admired for unsurpassed technical virtuosity
                        • often mimicked other writers styles
      • had remarkable wit
      • 1939- moved to america
        • met partner- Chester kallman and became an american citizen
          • beliefs changed radically central preoccupation Christianity and the theology of modern protestant theoligians
      • died 1973 in Vienna
    • was able to write in nearly every verse form
      • Incorporated pop couture current events and vernacular speech
        • frequently recounts literally or metaphorical journey or quest
          • travel provided rich material for his versus
            • he visited, Germany, Iceland, china and served in the Spanish civil war
    • considered the greatest English poet of the 20th century
      • major influence to succeeding generations of poets
        • was chancellor of the academy of american poetry 1954-1973


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