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  • Wesak
    • It honours the Buddha's enlightenment and is celebrated on the full moon in April or May
    • UntitAs well as honouring and reflecting on the Buddha's enlightenment, its value also lies in making suitable gifts to the temple, from the communal celebration, and in the opportunity to learn more about the Buddha's teachings.
    • For Buddhists in Theravada countries, the festival also marks the Buddha's birthday and the day of his death.
    • The 'Bathing the Buddha' ceremony is also often included during Wesak. This involves water being poured over the shoulders of the Buddha.
      • UntitlIt reminds Buddhists to purify their own minds from greed, hatred and stupidity. ed
    • Gifts are also taken to an altar to be offered to the Buddha statues.
      • This shows respect to the Buddha for his life and teachings.
    • Wesak is significant today because it reminds Buddhists of the importance of the life of the Buddha.


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