Were German people worse off under the Nazis?

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  • Were German people worse off under the Nazis?
    • Lack of freedom
      • In 1933 trade unions were banned.
        • Workers could no longer negotiate for better pay or reduced hours of work.
        • Strikes were banned.
      • Those who opposed the Nazis were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.
    • Strength through Joy
      • Very few workers could actually afford the more expensive activities i.e. cruises.
      • Beauty of Work caused much resentment.
        • Workers had to carry out improvements in their spare time and without pay.
    • Volkswagen Swindle
      • Was a con-trick.
      • By the time war broke out in 1939, not a single customer had received a car.
      • None of the money was refunded.
    • Cost of living increased
      • All basic groceries (except fish), cost more in 1939 than they had in 1933.
      • Food items were in short supply partly because the government policy was to reduce agricultural production.
        • This was to keep up the prices for the benefit of the farmers.
    • Hours of Work
      • The average working hours in industry increased from 42.9 per week in 1933 to 47 in 1939.


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