Were German people better off under the Nazis?

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  • Were German people better off under the Nazis?
    • Strength through Joy (KdF)
      • Set up to replace trade unions.
      • Tried to improve leisure time of German workers by sponsoring a wide range of leisure and cultural trips.
        • i.e. concerts, theatre visits, museum tours, weekend trips, holidays, cruises.
        • All were provided at low cost giving ordinary workers access to activities normally reserved for the better off.
    • Beauty of Work
      • Tried to improve working conditions.
      • Organised the building of canteens, swimming pools etc.
      • Installed better lighting in the workplace.
    • Volkswagen scheme
      • In 1938, the Labour Front gave workers an opportunity to subscribe 5 marks a week to a fund eventually allowing them to acquire a car.
    • Wages
      • Average weekly wages rose from 86 marks in 1932 to 109 marks in 1938.


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