Weimar recovery - Gustav Stresemann

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  • Weimar recovery- Gustav Stresemann
    • Hyperinflation crisis
      • Old money was stopped printing and replaced with a new currency-the Rentemark. In 1924, he replaced it with a stable currency- Reichsmark.
        • Succes?
          • Hyperinflation ended
          • The currency remained for the next 25 years
          • Germans accepted the new currency
        • Failure?
          • People who had lost their savings never got it back and Stresemann was blamed
    • French and Belgians had invaded the Ruhr as reparations were stopped being repaid
      • Stresemann met with the American Vice President and arranged the USA to led Germany money so the reparations could repaid- 'Dawes Plan'
        • Success?
          • Troops left the Ruhr
          • Stresemann got the reparations down from £6.6 to £1.8 million and were given longer to repay it
        • Failure?
          • Germans felt like Stresemann gave into -the troops bullying tactics
    • Germany's image
      • He improved relations with other countries and nationa. In 1925, Germany signed the Locarno Pact with Britain, Belguim and Italy. They promised never to go to war against one another unless their is an attack
        • Success?
          • Germany regained its status
          • Became part of League Of Nations
        • Failure?
          • Germans criticised Stresemann for not demanding their land back
    • German industries were in trouble
      • With the American loans to pay the reparations, Stresemann also used it tobuild new factories, schools and homes
        • Success?
          • Germany became more prosperous and many Germans were better off
        • Failure?
          • Their was concern on how much German was reliant on the American loans


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