Weight Problems

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  • Weight Problems
    • Ingestion of too much energy can lead to food being stored as fat
    • Excess energy ingestion can lead to Obesity.
      • Type 2 diabetes, Athritis, HBP, heart disease.
    • Losing Weight
      • Cut down on energy rich foods (crisps, chips)
      • Increase amount of energy use by exercising more.
    • Exercising to Lose Mass
      • Increases amount of energy use and creates a increase in proportion of muscle to fat.
      • Also strengthens Cardiovascularsystems.
      • If you suddenly start exercising vigorously, this can also lead to health problems.
    • Cholestrol
      • Needed to make cell membranes and vital organs.
      • Different types of cholestrol inherited from your parents.
      • A Balanced diet means that your liver can balance the levels of cholestrol correctly.
      • Lots of High fat food = higher cholestrol level
      • Higher cholestrol = higher risk of heart disease as it clogs the arteries coming away from the heart.


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