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  • Weathering
    • Weathering of rocks is the breakdown of rocks where they are.
    • Mechanical Weathering is the breakdown of rock without changing its chemical composition e.g. freeze thaw weathering
      • Happens when the temperature alternates above and below 0 degrees
      • Water gets into the rock that has cracked
      • When the water has frozen it expands putting pressure on the rock
      • When t he water contacts and the pressure is released.
      • The process is repeated and the rock eventually breaks
    • Chemical Weathering is the breakdown of rocks by changing the chemical composition
      • Rainwater has carbon dioxide dissolved in it which makes it a weak carbonic acid
      • Carbonic acid reacts with the rock that contains calcium carbonate e.g. chalk
    • Biological weathering this is the breakdown of rocks by living things
      • An example plant roots can break down rocks by growing into cracks on the surface and pushing them apart


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