Types of weathering

Mindmap of the types of weathering

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  • Weathering
    • Weathering is when rock is moved or worn away by natural forces. It is NOT interchangeable with erosion
    • Organic acids
      • waste dumping causes organic acids to form on the surface, which then leach into the soil
      • decreases pH of water in soil
      • acids react with water, which destableises the rock
    • Tree root erosion
      • roots fill cracks in rock when trees grow near it
      • roots expand as tree grows, forcing rock apart
      • process is similar to freeze thaw weathering
    • Thermal expansion
      • rock expands when heated up and contracts when cooled down.
      • outer layer of rock eventually falls off
      • happens over a long period of time
    • Oxidisation
      • oxygen reacts with minerals in rock, especially iron
      • rock cracks when rock is soluble and air is acidic
      • more iron=easier oxidisation
    • Freeze-thaw weathering
      • water gets into cracks in rocks
      • freezes overnight and expands when it cracks in the morning. crack widens
      • causes potholes
    • Solution
      • some salts water soluble, iron soluble in acidic conditions--pH of 3
      • any process which dissolves substance in solvent
      • minerals then transported by water after solution
  • acids react with water, which destableises the rock


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