Weather Hazards

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  • Weather Hazards
    • Weather
      • 1.Ocean Currents
        • A warm water ocean current called  the North Atlantic Drift which originates the Gulf of Mexico
      • 2.Prevailing Winds
        • The winds which affect the UK for most of the year
      • 3.The effects of the sea
        • The sea has a great affect on the climate of the UK
      • 4. The effect of continentally
        • Areas away from the sea tend to have warm summers and mild winters
      • 5.Altitude
        • The higher up a mountain the higher the altitude
    • Tropical Storms
      • Tropical storms form over warm oceans (above 27 degrees)
      • Most form 5-15 degrees, north and south of the equator
      • Tropical storms are measured using the Saffir Simpson (hurricane wind scale)
    • The Somerset Levels Floods
      • 600 homes affected
      • Some villages cut off
      • Major roads blocked off
    • Extreme Weather in the UK
      • Glaciers are melting away worldwide
      • Ice core samples
      • Tree ring data show a warming trend
      • Carbon Dioxide
      • Methane, Nitrous oxide
    • Natural causes of climate change
      • Changes in the earth's orbit
      • Variations in the heat output from the sun
      • Volcanic activity




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