Weapons of Mass Destruction

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  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Benefits
      • When both countries have nuclear weapons they will be hesitant to attack each other (Mutually assured destruction)
      • Biological and chemical weapons kill people but do not affect buildings, which can then be used by the attacker.
    • Problems
      • They deliberately target innocent civilians
      • Nuclear weapons could be used to attack another country but easily exterminate the whole world
    • Muslim attitudes
      • Teachings make it difficult to use WMD as it doesn't fit the conditions of a just war
      • The spiritual leader of Iran condemned the use of WMD
      • Most Muslims believe a country can have them but not use them
    • Just War Criteria
      • Avoid killing innocent civilians, particularly the elderly, women and children
      • Use weapons proportional to the cause
      • Cause the least amount of suffering
      • End when the enemy retreats or surrenders
    • Non-religious attitudes
      • Most humanist and some atheists are against possessing WMD because it is against the fundamental humanist beliefs.
      • Humanists don't believe in an afterlife so think it's wrong to contemplate a weapon that could destroy the planet.
      • Some atheists use Utilitarianism to justify WMD on the basis of MAD to bring world peace


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