Weaknesses of the Tsar in 1913

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  • Weaknesses of the Tsar in 1913
    • Russia had been humiliated in a war with Japan, 1904
    • There were many nationalities, languages and religions
    • Russia was vast making the government bad
    • An out-of-date farming economy.   Most of the population were peasantswho lived in the country and are under the control of the nobles.
    • Russia was beginning to industrialise
    • Tsar Nicholas was an autocrat
    • Opposition from The Kadets - middle classes and liberal landowners who wanted Russia to have a Parliament like England.
    • Opposition from Social Revolutionaries - who wanted a peasant revolution
    • Opposition from The Communists who were split into 2 groups- The Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks


Miss E


A really useful visual resource to make sure you feel confident with the background to the revolution in 1917. To improve it add the problems caused for the Tsar by WWI and his mishandling of it.

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