Weaknesses of the irenaeus theodicy

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  • Weaknesses of the irenaeus theodicy
    • Suffering should never be the instrument of an all loving God. An all loving God would not allow his creation to suffer for any reason
    • The amount of immense and innocent suffering that some people experience is not justified by any end of achieving heaven and spiritual perfection
    • Suffering is not evenly spread - this is inconsistent with Gods perfect creation
    • How is good moral behaviour encouraged if everyone eventually all achieve heaven?
    • The concept of universal salvation seems to undermine the idea of humans working towards and achieving salvation using their freewill
    • Christians believe Jesus  shows them the ways to achieve atonement - soul making contradicts this idea
    • The intensity of suffering may suggest this theodicy is a souls-breaking rather that souls-making one
    • There seems to be contradictions for christian ideas of judgements and the Bible stating that god created a perfect world
    • Is this theodicy out of date as it did come about in the 2nd century
    • Are there better ways of achieving the desired outcome?


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