A Level - RS - Weaknesses of Virtue Ethics Part 1

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  • Weaknesses of Virtue Ethics Part 1
    • The relativistic, agent centred nature of VE leave it open to justifying negative acts.
      • are there things that should not be moral absolutes and therefore always wrong?
        • Pojman
          • Suggested that the torturing of innocent people for fun is wrong under all circumstances
            • Any ethical system needs certain rules that cannot be broken.
    • The focus on who to be not what to do makes it impossible to use when faced with moral dilemmas
      • Bowie draws from Robert Louden wrote in 'On some vices of virtue ethics -1984
        • Louden states a number of problems
          • argues that is does not provide specific moral dilemmas such as euthanasia which would ultimately are intrinsically and universally wrong
    • The Golden Mean is subjective and flawed
      • Hugo Grotius
        • Rejected VE. Justice and truthfulness are not a middle way but are ethical absolutes we have a duty to follow
      • Robert Louden
        • Aristotle tells us that right acts are those which are means between extremes, that is impossible to determine how to apply this conception in actual situations
          • "Due to the very nature of moral virtues, there is thus a very limited amount of advice on moral quandaries that one can reasonably expect from the virtue-oriented approach"


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