Weaknesses of the League of Nations

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  • Weaknesses of the League of Nations...
    • Structure
      • The League was not led by Woodrow Wilson who came up with the idea.
      • USA were not apart of it. Congress decided against it.
      • Not every country was invited. The League was referred to as the 'League of Victors'.
      • Each council member had the power to veto.
      • The Assembly only met once a year and votes were unanimous therefore, decisions were difficult to make.
    • Actions they could take
      • Moral condemnation
        • Was a telling off therefore, it was easy not to care about.
        • Not effective without the USA because they were the most respected country.
      • Economic sanctions
        • Did not work without the support of the USA (richest country in the world)
        • Countries not in the League would still trade.
      • Military Force
        • The League did not have an army therefore, it could not take place efficiently.
        • USA had the biggest army in the world
    • Manchurian Crisis
      • Lord Lytton's Report took a year to be published.
        • Gave Japan to time to do as they pleased.
        • Made the League seem unorganised.
      • The League condemned Japan
        • Japan ignored them and left the League.
        • It was the first crisis the League had dealt with failed and it makes them look like a joke.
    • Abyssinian Crisis
      • Hoare-Laval Pact was made.
        • Britain and France didn't intervene makes them look guilty.
        • The League loses credibility   because their leaders are acting fraudulent.
      • Economic Sanctions
        • Arms trade stopped however, raw materials did not therefore, they failed punishment.
      • The Suez Canal was not closed.
        • Italy had easy access to invade.
        • Britain's fault


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